Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Six Months

Anabelle is now six months old... and wow, my kiddo is growing up! This month she learned to sit up by her self. She LOVES to sit up and play with her toys now. Occasionally she will still tip over, but it has been fun watching her try so hard to balance, and now bend over and reach really far for her toys. She is getting pretty fast at grabbing things out of my hands too. I have to be careful with what I am holding because she will attack it :) Shane said that this past month he thinks that she has grown up the most. She is a lot more playful than ever, and she loves to laugh. She loves the bouncy rides that Daddy gives her on his tummy. 
6 month Check-Up
Height: 27 3/8 inches (95%)
Weight: 16 lbs (52%)
Head circumference: 16 3/4 inches (50%) 

Another new thing: We started her on some solid foods, and yes... she loves it. No surprise. She's a little eater. As of late, her favorite seems to be Avocado... That's my girl! (for those that don't know, avocado is my all-time favorite food!)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Landon's 1st B-Day Bash

Anabelle's cousin Landon turned one. Happy Birthday, thanks for the fun party!

Shane, Anabelle, Sam, Tasha, Collin, Coleson, Land-O, Casen

Jesse & Landon, and all the fun and tasty food!
Cake time
The Mink Brothers
Me, Grandma & Grandpa Heninger, Crazy Face Collin, & Sherrie... with the beautiful backyard and golf course in the back.
Our little Fam Fam
Doll Face :)
Daddy and Anabelle showing off their favorite trick! She love's it, just look at that smile. Although, it does freak me out a little bit ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Any Resemblance?

We always get the question, "Who do you think Anabelle looks like?" So we decided to pull out the scrapbooks and take a look. Here are the three of us, all at six months old. What do you think? Any resemblance? Like father, like daughter? Or, like mother, like daughter?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rowley Shindig

Thanks to Stef & Brent, and Grandpa Albert & Grandma Billie for putting together the Rowley Shindig. Everyone had a great time... good food, nice weather, and lots of family fun! Alway love a good game of volleyball and bocci ball too.
The three little girls... apparently I didn't get the memo for the matching outfit... bummer
 London, Anabelle & Kaylee
 Kimberlee, Kristee, Stacee, Kathryne, Grandma Billie, Robert, Sharlyn, Carson, Linsey, Tanya, John & Babies (in the middle), and Mitch & Grandpa Albert (in the background)
 Playing Vollyball with the BEAUTIFUL scenic background

(And here are a few more pics that I stole from Stacee. Remember, I'm not a photographer and I usually don't capture/document the moment too well)
 Can't get enough of these babies!

 My handsome guy serving

 Me enjoying the little ones & Sharlyn snuggling cute Hailey
and... Pirate Anabelle

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


For Jesse's birthday we went to Cowabunga Bay (the place with all the brightly colored water slides in Draper) We had a really fun time, it was perfect for the kids. Obviously Anabelle was a little too young for the slides, but she had a good time too. She loved splashing in the water and took a good nap in the shade.

Anabelle playing with the little rubber duckies
 I made homemade non-dairy cupcakes for the birthday girl... they were really quite good. I was pretty proud of them, considering I make everything from the box.
Collin & Casen with chocolate frosting faces
 Jess & the Boys (Landon, Coleson, Collin & Casen)
Anabelle & me
 Grandma Sherrie, Jess & Landon
 Casen and Coleson hiding from the sun
My cute baby with those chunky thighs... Oh I just love them, I wanna squeeze em!