Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pioneer Day = 5 Months & Bees Game

Our little babe is growing up so fast. (pretty sure I say that every month) It is amazing how much these little ones learn in such a short amount of time. Anabelle is a wiggle worm! As you will see below, I had a hard time getting a decent picture this time because she was so happy and excited, and going crazy :) I'm sure it will only get harder as she gets older too. She grabs everything in her reach, and reaches for just about everything in her sight. And then just wants to eat it all,of course. She has the cutest laugh ever, and now rolls around with a purpose and as a small form of transportation ;) When she is on her tummy she tries to get up on her knees and feet and push. She gets pretty frustrated because she is stuck and can't move forward because her face is planted in the ground and she doesn't use her arms. I am really enjoying her facial expressions and emotions. Anabelle gets excited, and does the cutest surprised face with her "O" mouth. I love it so much! I am one lucky Mommy!!!

(teasing Mommy and grabbing the sign)

(Anabelle looking up at Shane. She loves her Daddy! When he's around, she won't take her eyes off him.)
(laughing face)
(surprised face)
 (sticking her cute little bum in the air, trying to move somewhere... she'll be scooting in no time)
 Bee's Game on Pioneer Day
 It started raining, so we headed up to the seats for some shelter. There was a pretty rainbow too!

 The game was so fun, and it was nice to catch up with friends. We went to the game with Kevin and Kelli. We love the Spencer's. What a fun way to spend the 24th. We had one little scare though... A foul ball was hit directly at us. I was feeding Anabelle a bottle and thereby not paying too much attention to the game. When I heard people yelling. I looked (pretty dumb of me), and I saw a ball flying right at me. I turned my back to it as fast as I could, trying to hide the baby. Luckily it hit the seat in front of us and went right over us. If I was an inch taller it, probably would have knocked me out! Everyone around us couldn't believe how close it was to hitting Anabelle. SCARY! We were lucky. Note to self...When at a baseball game watch for baseballs flying at rocket speeds towards my baby.
 Fireworks after the game (super loud fireworks)... And believe it or not Anabelle fell asleep during the firework show! It was way past her bed time :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Red, White & Blue Day

We had a fun 4th of July holiday weekend. Anabelle was so cute in her red, white and blue dress. Look how well she smiles for her Daddy. She started laughing for him when he comes home from work. It is SO cute! She also learned to roll from her back to her tummy yesterday, and she has not stopped since. Little Rowley is rollin like crazy.

 Once Shane finished with work we headed over to the Sugarhouse festivities.

There was a fun concert going on
 and hillsides packed with people

Anabelle was fascinated by her glowing bracelet! She looks mad at it in the picture, but she loved it and couldn't stop staring at it.
 My handsome hunny and baby dancing away to the music
 and the fireworks, of course, they were fabulous

Anabelle's cousin London was blessed and we went to her blessing. She was darling in her blessing dress! Wow they grow so fast.

Cute Stacee and London
A few weeks ago my sister and I got the cousins together to take grandkid pictures for my mom and dad. It was so funny the kids were looking at everything but the camera. We took a million pictures and there was probably only two with everyone looking forward.