Thursday, July 22, 2010


We have nonuplets - that's right, nine kids at one time... nine {boys} nine {wolves}

We've really enjoyed the past year with our cub scouts. They have SO much energy, and are really quite funny. We took the boys to Camp Jeremiah Johnson on Friday. They had a blast!

Seven of our nine
making model airplanes - unfortunately they kept falling apart : (
Shane & Matt trying to keep them together, but really feeling hopeless
Rock climbing
Learning how to fold the flag
Me, freezing in the early morning hours
Stilt races
BB Guns - probably the boys favorite activity
Lunch time - Matt & Shelly Staheli joined us for the adventure at Camp Jermiah Johnson
They are the Bear Den Leaders. We love them and they always make us laugh. Making us a total of 17 people!
 Water Games
And Rockets
We are sure going to miss our NINE boys when we move! Being a Den Leader is such a FUN calling!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Only Homemade

There are somethings in life that are only worth eating if they are {homemade}

JAM being one of them

I made jam this week and we are loving it

Strawberry Peach

well worth it

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Best Two Weeks (Week 2)

Straight from California to Lake Mead with Shane's family-

Boating * Skiing * Wake-boarding * Tubing * Air chair-ing * Wave Runners * Food * Poker * Dominoes * Backgammon* and much more...

A Few Top Highlights

-Shane doing a back flip on the wake-board;
-The motivation of Justin Beiber on early morning ski runs :)
-Learning to play poker, and losing all of my chips {twice}
-Afternoon nap time
-Kristee learning to ski like a pro
-Shane, Rogan, Robert, Doug & Sue really skiing like pros
-The kids playing on the fabulously homemade water slide
-Trying for {quite} a while to get one big family picture
-The glassy water
-Yummy meals
-Lighting a MASSIVE tumble weed on fire
-The {beached} house boat at the end of the week
-The unreal amount of chips, salsa, and water that everyone consumed at Poncho & Lefty's in St. George :)

Shane on the Air-Chair and attempting a backflip

The Rowley Family Lake Mead Fun and the Slide Stef & Brent Created     

Wake-Boarding Shane's pretty good... me, I just laugh and have fun. We didn't get any pics of Shane doing a back-flip though.

 Skiing... again, I just laugh and have fun

and Shane {amazing}

 Thanks Rogan & Kim for all of the phenomenal photos!
 Wow that was a long post... thanks for enduring. As you can see we had a fun and adventurous time. Thanks Robert and Kathryne for a fantastic week!

So we had a crazy fun two weeks of vay cay, now we're back to reality ha.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy 1st Year to My Hunny!

Hooray let's celebrate
Always so thoughtful of me
Play hard, work hard
Proud to be a Rowley
Y aprendo espaƱol

Fun(ner) than I ever thought
I learn something new from you every day
Ready for another great year
So many ruined dinners : /
Three hundred and sixty five good night kisses

Adventures shared together
Never ending car repairs
Now I love him even more
It's all about working together
Very important communication
Extraordinarily funny moments
Really learning to budget
Special memories made
Always feeling safe and secure
Relaxing and quiet moments together
Years and years of love to come

I love you!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Best Two Weeks (week 1)

LIFE IS GOOD... especially when you are on {vacation}

Ventura Beach House with my family-

Long boarding * Surfing * Boogie boarding * Water Frisbee * Skim boarding * Marshmallow roasting on the beach * Shopping * Eating * Biking * Late-night games * BBQs * and much more...

A Few Top Highlights:

-Sunny days, after the first two super cloudy days
-The best BBQ chicken pizza ever
-Learning to "Go faster!" (in Shane's words) on a longboard
-Dave daring Coleson to go around town in his tight swim
-Sam learning to surf
-Shane dominating us in Dalmuty
-Mom loving the water as long as she had her full body
-Jesse not realizing that a marshmallow skewer was stuck to
  her butt
-Dave revealing his crazy {mustached} self portrait
-Endless amounts of scalding hot water, despite the number
  of people that showered before me
-Shane being actively involved in shopping with me
-The 5lb bag of peanut M&Ms that we downed
  (now I'm paying for it)
-Connect Four being the main ingredient in our down time

Thanks Mom for making the vacation happen! What a blast!