Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh Hawaii Where Have You Gone?

(I forgot to publish this post on Saturday oops...)

Things I'm missing about last year with all this wintery weather...

The orchid fields
The Hula Pie
The sweet sweet tropic smell
The amazing hikes and views
The To-Die-For Shaved Ice
The hot sun and warm beaches
And seeing new things like the Chocolate Plant
Kauai...Until next time...
And for now...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

U of U...What?!!

 That right! Shane just got accepted to the University of Utah's Master's of Tax Accounting program. Congrats to the Mr.! 

Our upcoming household battle...

                 Shane                          VS                      Jena

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our Valentine's Get Away

I'm so bad at blogging but I wanted to report about the super fun Valentine's weekend that we had...

We went to up to Eden and stayed in a condo with Jesse and Dave. We had so much fun. It was absolutely gorgeous up there with all the snow! We had such a relaxing and adventurous stay. On Saturday we went snowboarding at Powder Mountain, and let me tell you there was a ton of powder! Powder is Shane's favorite so we hit up some back trails, and unfortunately Shane had to wait for me twice for about 8 minutes each cause I was literally stuck and sinking :) [The smiley face because Shane was such a good sport about it.] We also saw "Valentine's Day" to kick of the weekend, and ended the weekend with "When in Rome." We ate some tasty food, and enjoyed a Valentine's Breakfast in a big white barn. What a great time hanging out at the condo and hot-tubbing. If only those scoundrels hadn't run off with Dave's North Face jacket, I think we could have had a perfect weekend.