Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Family Pictures

Here are some of our family pictures that we took last month. Anabelle wasn't very exited about the whole thing. Luckily we got her to cheer up a little after we let her get down and play in the leaves. Thank you Sherry from S.W. Portraits!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011


 Happy LATE Halloween from our little pumpkin face to yours :)
 On Halloween I took the little kitty and spent the day visiting some of Anabelle's Grandparents. We didn't make it to all of them because, I am an idiot and locked my keys in the car. So unfortunately, we spent a few hours of the day waiting for a locksmith and trying to get them out : (
 Grandpa Worley
Great Grandma & Grandpa Rowley
 and Grandma & Grandpa Rowley
Aunt Kristee
 Anabelle was so happy to get a bag of crinkly candy all to herself... (That is until Shane and I got a hold of it after she went to bed.) Thank you for the candy!
We also saw Stacee & Tyler and their cute kitty too. They were so cute together, we couldn't stop laughing.
(if you didn't notice... I am holding London & Stacee is holding Anabelle)
They had so much fun looking at each other. Anabelle was going crazy trying to grab her fellow kitten :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Random Photos

A random recap of things I wanted to post, but didn't...

In the summer we went to Sound of Music at Sundance. What a fun setting! It was also fun remember back to the last time we went to a play there... 3 years before, where we had our first kiss ;)

 I love this picture. We had dinner at the Rowley's with all the family, and Robert was holding the three girls at the same time so we could eat in peace. PRECIOUS!!!
 (Kaylee, London, Anabelle)

 Watching the BYU football game with friends - Owen, Brandon, Shane, Anabelle, Angie, Trevor
 Ashley, Rob, Zach, Rachael, Rob, Kim, Owen
 Nicole holding little Maxwell (Zach & Rachael's baby)
 Anabelle found the garbage and went to town!!! Fortunately it wasn't a messy garbage. She loved it, it was crinkle heaven!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Congratulations Sam & Tasha!

I am super behind on blogging so hopefully I can pump a few post out of things I've been wanting to put up.

Sam and Tasha's wedding was October 15th. We are very happy for them, and excited to have Tasha in the family. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so most of these pictures are blurry because they were taken on my phone and I can't hold it very still.
 cutting the cake
 Mr. & Mrs. Worley and the Rowley's
 Cousin Friends (Colt, Shaylee, Koalby, & Sam)
 Jesse & Landon
 Me & Shay
 Tricia & Greg
 Grace, Bret, Yvette, Bre, Colette
 Grandma & Grandpa Worley, Sam & Tasha, Dad
 River, Rylee, Charley, Azia
 Mom, Sam & Tasha
 Anabelle & Daddy showing off
 The Belle
 The Belle entertaining the old men :)
Grandpa Heninger, Shane, Grandpa Worley