Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kathryne's Birthday and Celtic Woman

Kathryne had a birthday!!! All the girls had a fun birthday dinner with her at Blue Lemon {so fresh & tasty} What an exciting and FUNNY night it was. Doesn't Kathryne look great, just like one of the daughters, and Grandma Ruby too {all dressed up}.

Shane and I went with Rogan and Kim to Celtic Woman. They are an Irish vocal group, and they are truly phenomenal! Their voices are so pure and beautiful. We were so entertained and impressed the whole night.  If you don't know who they are, look them up... you'll fall in love!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mom's Birthday Getaway

We had a fun and relaxing weekend in St. George... hiking, swimming, eating, playing tennis, playing cards, and going to Brian Regan {SUPER FUNNY}

My mom {die-hard hiker} made us go to that tree
There's the tree at the top!

I love the Tuacon Theater, the outside atmosphere is so fun.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Been Busy with Flowers

So whenever I have a wedding my kitchen turns into a floral shop. It's crazy, but fun. Shane loves to sit and watch and keep me company. I love asking his opinion for some reason {even though I know he doesn't care too much} He decided to take pictures of me in addition to the pictures of the flowers {so please excuse the mess and the frazzled-end-of-the-day-look that I have going on}

The "shabby chic" wedding turned out pretty cute see more flower pics at

Props to Our Mom!

Look at my beautiful mother... It's been a HUGE month for her!

I am so so proud of my cute mom. Last weekend she graduated with her Masters degree. Hooray!!! She worked so hard the last two years. She truly is a Super Star :)

Grandma & Grandpa Heninger

Dad and the boys... well minus Dave, Shane & Casen
 Congrats Mom we love you!

Also, on Mother's Day my Mom turned 50!!! Shhh I'm not supposed to tell because she is SO upset about it, but I think she looks great {even in that goofy hat} We had a fun party for her at my Grandma's house. 

My mom is reading her birthday card that says all the girls are taking a trip to St. George to hike at Zions and see Brian Regan at Tuacon.

Jesse and I made my mom a scrapbook with the 50 things that we love most about her.

In this picture we are all looking over at my aunts because they all started crying when my mom did... 
(as usual :)

{not a great picture, but the only one I had} 

Sam & Mom

Mom & Coleson

Super cute Casen (& cute Shane in the background) I feel bad this is the only picture of my sweetie. To my defense... my aunt took the pictures on my camera.

Other fun family

And me getting caught eating my Reeses brownie : /

There he is... love you hun!