Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Parker's Special Day

This handsome chunk was blessed by his daddy on April 14th. It was such a special day! My heart was overflowing with love for my sweet little family and all of our family who shared the special day with us. We truly are so blessed to have two wonderful kids. They are angel's. And may I just say that Mr. Park has completely stolen my heart. His big blue eyes and sweet sweet grins, melt my heart every time. He is such a happy guy! I know he is going to be one special boy, and I can't wait to see what his mission in life holds. We love you Parker!

All ready for church!

Big sister loves holding him, but sometimes he gets a little nervous.
"Hi Buddy... Uh-Oh Parker sad.... Love you Parker... happy face Parker... Hugs!"
One of my favorite things about being a parent of two is watching them interact. I'm sure it will only get more exciting, but Parker already loves Anabelle so much. She makes him smile all the time. 

We had such a wonderful time visiting with everyone after church, and stuffing our faces ;)

Anabelle loved having all of her cousins over.
Landon and Anabelle were so cute, they kept hugging and she would swing her legs up around him and he would carry her. Too funny!

We were caught chowing down ;)

The whole Rowley Family

The guys may or may not be playing football in the house...

And since when did my baby brother get so much taller than me?

Friday, May 3, 2013

Busy Season Wrap-up

Busy Season Wrap-up

We kept ourselves busy the past few months while Shane was busy working. Here are a bunch of random pics and things we did that kept us occupied. And may I just say that I am so glad it is over. It's nice to have Shane back!

Hair cuts

They won her over with a sucker and balloon. 
General Conference
"Mommy, it's Prophet!"

Making conference cookies

 "MMMMmmmmm, pink frosting!"
So many Doctor's appointments for both kids. I'm so happy everyone is healthy and happy now! 

 Visiting Grandparents

 Telling stories to Parker
 Snack time
 Park time

 Girl time with Shane's fun sisters
 Cousin time and car time of course

 Baby Shower for my sister's little one on the way.
 Riding bikes with Grandma Sherrie

Tummy time - Anabelle likes it a lot better than Parker obviously.
 Big grins from this guy
And I think we ate blueberries and waffles for almost every meal.

We are all happy tax season is over and Daddy is back. Thanks Babe for working your tush off! 
We sure love you!