Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween Fun

Kimberlee and Spencer hosted a murder mystery. They went all out too, with their house decorated as the island that we were on. I hadn't ever been to one before and we had so much fun. My favorite part were the funny costumes that everyone had. I was a pirate and Shane was a fighting Spaniard

Kathryne was the indian chief and Robert was Captain Jack
We also went to a Halloween party at Stefenee and Brent's. We ate a yummy dinner and had a pumpkin carving contest. Then we went and rode the Haunted Heber Creper... really cold, but really fun! Thanks guys!
The Boys

The Girls

Our Pumpkin Show... Take a look!

October Birthdays

We have so many birthdays in October. Birthdays=parties... yay!
Happy Birthday to everyone in October!!!

Casen turned 2 on the 12th and we celebrated at the Mink's house.

Mom threw a birthday for me and we had delicious food! Thanks mom!

We celebrated Sam's birthday on the 23rd at Pirates Island pizza

And Grandma Heninger's Birthday party at Suzette's House. (I did the flowers for her and she was so in love with them that we had to take pictures by them:)) LOVE YOU GRAM

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Summer Happenings

What a fun and memorable summer. Here are a few of the highlights (besides getting married). Shane Graduated for UVU with his Bachelor's in accounting!

Happy Birthday Jesse!!!

I graduated from BYU in Family Science

While I was graduating Shane had the opportunity to go to NYC to meet with the big 4 accounting firms and network with some of the LDS members out there. What a great experience!

My Grandma and Grandpa Heninger celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! Congratulations! We love you! Thanks for a fun 50's party.

This is Shane's Sister Stacee's "serious" Boyfriend Tyler. We asked him what he could do to impress the family... He told us he had a really big mouth. So the mean brothers made him show us really how big. 42 grapes later we believed him. What a sport :)

We went to the Keith Urban concert and had a blast!

Lake Mead

After being married for just two short weeks we took a vacation to lake mead with the Rowley Clan. The water was beautiful and looked like glass the entire week. It was about 110 degrees, so we played in the water constantly. I learned to ski too... thank you Shane and Robert for the coaching :) And thank you Kim for the fun pictures. We had so much fun in the sun!
Playing Backgammon on Grandpa and Grandma's Boat

Shane getting ready to show off for the brothers :)

Me trying to get the hang of it.

And both of us skiing together, and holding hands... romantic right?!

Making crepes for dinner for the party of 21

Friday, October 9, 2009

A Happy Hawaiian Honeymoon

We stayed at Stein Erikson in Park City for the first few days. It was so pretty and the weather was amazing. I'm just glad we made it there in one piece. Imagine this, "car sick Jena" winding up the mountain trying to find the resort, then realizing that we were seriously about to run out of gas, so we wound back down the mountain, coasting to get back to a gas station. As we rolled in we had about a hundred people staring at us and giving us funny looks and thumbs ups. Again we started back up the mountain and after passidng the same biker for the third time we decided to stop and ask him for directions. After the funny encounters and upset stomaches we finally made it and had a wonderful three days in the the beautiful Utah mountains.

The Alpine Coaster

Then off to Hawaii for a few more days of fun in the sun!!!

We stayed at the Fairmont Orchid... definately fitting with the wedding theme.

When we got there they told us they had a surprise. They upgraded us to the Presidental Suite. Our suite was 3600 sq ft. Crazy beautiful too! I wish the pictures did the 360 view justice.

A glimps of our living room. Shane played the Steinway piano for me every morning.
Bliss in full force :)
This was our suite, the whole top floor.
We also got some perks that came along with the room... Shane enjoying our private cabanna on the beach with a cooler full of treats they brought to us every day. I never knew Shane could pack so much Dr. Pepper, and I think he was also surprised by how many cookies I ate:)

Dinner at Ruth's Chris with our favorite Tennis Pro.

And of course the Pina Colada's!
What a fun week in paradise! As Shane says, "We got hooked up fatty!" If you are looking for a great getaway, try The Big Island, it has so much to offer.