Monday, February 11, 2013

Baby Boy Rowley is Here!

Parker Shane Rowley

7 lbs 5 oz, 21 inches

January 21, 2013


We are so happy this precious little guy joined our family! He is so angelic and perfect.

I should have known that this little man would come during the night and be posterior just like his big sister. I guess that's the way we roll around here. I'll be expecting those two things for future deliveries.
Quick birth recap: I decided at 1:30 in the morning that the baby was coming. Luckily my mom met us at the hospital and took Anabelle. (Despite being deathly ill.) And a quick thank you to Jesse and Dave who took Anabelle in at 2:30am. Good thing Mr. Parker was posterior because he probably would have been born in the parking lot if not. We couldn't get Anabelle's carseat in my mom's car and finally I just said, "Sorry I have to go in there," and I took off and went into the hospital. I checked into the hospital at 10 cm and it freaked everyone out because my doctor lived 20 minutes away and they thought the baby was coming right then. However, I ended up pushing for 90 minutes and the little stinker wouldn't turn. So the doc had to manually turn him. That was the worst part of it all! Then Little Mr. decided to come and he was born a few short minutes after that. He made us the happiest little momma and poppa in the world. Shane was a champion and helped get me through it all. I seriously have the best husband in the world. No joke. I hope Parker is just like his Daddy.  

All bundled up ready to switch rooms. just 45 minutes old.

Getting ready for his first bath
all clean

Aunt Kristee
Grandma Rowley

 Daddy sure loves his little guy!
 Going home 

of course the grumpy nurse sent us home with blurry pictures :(

Anabelle stayed with the Mink's and Grandma and Grandpa Rowley for a few days and then she came home on Friday to meet baby Parker for the first time. Here is their first encounter when Jesse and Dave brought her home and came to visit. It was precious! She instantly loved him! And I'm so happy she still does ;) There was a little jealously at first, but she really is a sweetie with him.

 I think Parker is looking for milk haha

Sam, Tasha, and cute little Adi came to visit.

Grandma Sherrie

Sunday nap time. I am in love with my boys! 
Just hanging out in the swing