Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rowley, Party of Four!

We're expecting baby # 2 in January! Right now I'm 17 weeks pregnant, so we will find out if it is a boy or girl in three weeks. Yay, can't wait! We are a little late at officially getting the news out, however, the baby bump popped out well before it's due time! We're excited for another bundle of joy around here!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Europe Trip Part Four: San Sebastian, Pamplona & Madrid (Spain)

Day 14 July 4th: We woke up and drove from Bilbao to San Sebastian. This place was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. We drove around the bay and up in the hills to the Tower at Monte Igueldo. We went up the tower and gasped over the view. We ate at the Wimbledon restaurant that was at the tennis club. I had the best veggie lasagna I have ever eaten. Then we walked through the city.

 Day 15 July 5th: We went back to the tennis club and Robert and Shane played an exciting match on the clay courts. I had a great time watching them, and I loved my job sweeping the lines ;) After tennis we walked the beach, Shane took a swim, and of course at some tasty tasty gelato. Robert and Kathryne treated us to a night at The Maria Christina five star hotel. It was the first night it opened after a 8 month remodel. It was luxury. The room was gorgeous and I want my future house to look like that ;)

 I'm in gelato heaven
 our scenic little drive 
hotel heaven 
Day 16 July 6th: We Drove to Pamplona for the Chupinazo. It is the huge and crazy party that starts off the week long party for the running of the bulls. The fireworks went off at noon and the festivities began. I couldn't believe that the whole city was wearing the same thing. It was mind-boggling. I can see why Shane was taken out of the city as a missionary during this week. After the Chupinazo we walked the route for the running of the bulls, so Shane and Robert were prepared for their run in the morning. We walked around and saw the beautiful plazas and saw Shane's apartment. I thought it was cool that Shane walked the exact route that the bulls run, every day when he was in the area.

(This pic is from the internet, but there were people everywhere around us that were doing the same thing.) 

 The entrance to the bull stadium 
Day 17 July 7th: We woke up really early for the running of the bulls. Everyone was still sleeping in the park and throwing up everywhere. GROSS. Apparently they partied a little too hard the day before.   The bull route was packed. We left Shane and Robert and went to find a place to watch. I didn't realize how many people were there to actually run as well. Luckily the bulls didn't get too close to them. I couldn't get any good pictures of what was going on, so I added a few from the internet. They were taken on the days that we were there. After the running of the bulls was over that morning we took Shane's parents back to San Sebastian so they could fly back to Paris. Shane and I spent the rest of the day walking the city and shopping. We drove to a little town called Olite and stayed in a beautiful Castle suite for our 3rd anniversary.  

Here come the bulls : /
Some of the bulls are passing at this moment. If you look close you can see the guys jumping up on the first fence and diving through it to get out of the way.
 (Internet Pics) The bulls have to jump the mounds of people crouched at the entrance of the stadium.
  Waiting for the firework to sound the release of the bulls. Look at the packed street. I think the most dangerous thing is that they can't really run and get out of they way of the bulls all of the time because there are so many people.
Here is the guy whose handkerchief was caught on the bulls horn. He was dragged about 100 yards. Luckily he was okay!
Beautiful plazas in Pamplona 

Check out the size of that paella. I went for the fries instead. 

Day 18 July 8th: We went to church in Pamplona and then went to dinner at the Echarri's. The food was yummy, and the family was very kind. They were really good and trying to talk a little bit in english so I knew what was goin on. Their daughters are beautiful. One of them served a mission at temple square in SLC. After dinner we headed south towards Madrid. We ended up staying in Salamanca that night.

Day 19 July 9th: We woke up and saw a little more of Salamanca. We saw the Salamanca University, the oldest in Spain and one of the most prestigious in Europe. We shopped a little, and drooled over the thousands of baby stores that line the streets. Then we drove the rest of the way to Madrid. We ate at Estrella, a restaurant owned by a sister missionary's family from Shane's mission. After walking around the heart of Madrid we headed back to temple square and stayed in the hostel there. 

 Plaza Mayor

Plaza del Sol
I loved these street performers.

 Day 20 July 10th: In the morning we went to the temple, and had a beautiful experience. I met some very sweet ladies from Utah who were so happy to help me with the translations. We were so happy to finish the trip with the temple. We headed to the airport and caught our first flight back to the US of A. I was pretty anxious to get home and see Anabelle. I was delighted to find out the next day that she still remembered me. It took her a minute to figure out what was going on when I first saw her at my mom's house. I told her I was home, and how much I missed her, then I asked her to come give me a hug and she came right to me and gave me a big love. That melted my heart!

 Temple Square (MTC, Temple, Stake Center)