Monday, March 25, 2013

Parker's One and Two Month Recaps

One Week Old

Anabelle wanted in on the fun, clearly she hadn't bathed yet. But she's still the cutest big sis ever.

One Month Old
Weight: 10lb 12oz

Parker is such a blessing to our family. This little guys is such a joy and has brought the sweetest spirit to our home. We love him so much, and so does his big sister. She tries to take care of him and play with him all the time. I even caught her teaching Parker how to say prayers.

At the two week check up Parker's doctor said he looked very healthy and was surprised how much weight he had gained. Parker weighed 8 lbs 11oz (50%), he was 21 5/8 in long (83%) and his head circumference was 36cm (25%)

Anabelle got sick and it's been so difficult trying to keep her away from Parker. I was so worried he would get sick. I was cleaning the house constantly and trying to keep them separated, but sure enough he got sick too.

One night when Parker was about a month old, he had a fever of 101 degrees and his doctor said we needed to take him to Primary Children's ER. I was terrified and called Shane. It was ten o'clock and Shane was busy at work, but I'm so happy he came home and went with me. (Parker has the best Dad ever.) We spent the night at the ER. They ran a bunch of tests on him and luckily it wasn't RSV, Whooping cough or anything too serious that was tested for. They said it was a virus of some sort and that we needed to follow up with his doctor the following days to check on him and make sure he was not getting worse. He had a cough and was very congested so his doctor wanted us to keep coming back for follow up appointments. After about 1 1/2 weeks his head started to clear and his cough went away. I'm so happy he is feeling better now. I was so worried about him, and felt so bad he was in so much pain, I couldn't help but feel responsible. I felt like the worst parent ever! Especially after Anabelle was throwing huge tantrums at the Doctor's office every day. In her defense, she had an ear infection the whole time and I didn't realize until the end of the week. I guess we were all hit with something Shane got sick and I had mastitis. Oh man. I'm just hoping things will get better from here, and that we can all get healthy. We are really lacking in the sleep category right now. Hopefully that will improve too ;)

Two Months Old
Height: 23in (50%)
Weight: 13lb 7oz (90%)
Head circumference: 15 1/4 (25%)

 This is Parker's startled face. We see this a lot when Anabelle is being loud around him.
Parker feels a lot better this month. His virus has cleared up. yay! He is still in pain from his acid reflux, but I think it is better than before. He is getting so cute and chunky. I love his dark blue eyes and big lips that look just like daddy's. Everyone says Parker looks so much like Shane. That is just what I wanted :) Parker started smiling and cooing a couple of weeks ago and it is the sweetest thing. It really makes my heart melt. It's like getting the biggest "Thank you" ever. It makes all the hard work worth it. Parker is starting to get on somewhat of a schedule now. He nurses almost every hour in the evenings then he usually goes to sleep around 11 and sleeps for 5 hours if we are lucky. Then he's back to the 3 hour schedule. Evenings have been the hardest because he is so fussy and I'm trying to get Anabelle fed and ready for bed. I am looking forward to April 15th! Three more weeks, but who's counting...