Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween Fun

Kimberlee and Spencer hosted a murder mystery. They went all out too, with their house decorated as the island that we were on. I hadn't ever been to one before and we had so much fun. My favorite part were the funny costumes that everyone had. I was a pirate and Shane was a fighting Spaniard

Kathryne was the indian chief and Robert was Captain Jack
We also went to a Halloween party at Stefenee and Brent's. We ate a yummy dinner and had a pumpkin carving contest. Then we went and rode the Haunted Heber Creper... really cold, but really fun! Thanks guys!
The Boys

The Girls

Our Pumpkin Show... Take a look!

October Birthdays

We have so many birthdays in October. Birthdays=parties... yay!
Happy Birthday to everyone in October!!!

Casen turned 2 on the 12th and we celebrated at the Mink's house.

Mom threw a birthday for me and we had delicious food! Thanks mom!

We celebrated Sam's birthday on the 23rd at Pirates Island pizza

And Grandma Heninger's Birthday party at Suzette's House. (I did the flowers for her and she was so in love with them that we had to take pictures by them:)) LOVE YOU GRAM