Saturday, October 30, 2010

Birthday Week

Hooray for birthday week...
I did so many fun things for my birthday last week!
Thank you everyone for celebrating with me and making it such a special week.

Mom had the family over for a Birthday dinner for Sam and me. YUMMY yummy!

Shane took me to lunch and shopping shopping shopping!I tried on and bought my first maternity clothes... Uh, that was a new experience! When I put on the baby bump Shane laughed at me, so I made him try it on! This picture makes me laugh!
We went to La Caille and had a fabulous dinner with Mom and Dad Rowley and Rogan and Kim! It was so beautiful, I loved it! Unfortunately it was too dark to see how pretty by the time we took the camera out.

I went to dinner at P.F. Changs with all of the Rowley girls. We had a great time trying all the food and deserts, using chop sticks and reading fortunes.Kristee, Stefenee, Grandma Ruby, Kathryne, Me, Grandma Billie, Kimberlee, Kim & Stacee

And Jesse took me to Blue Lemon for dinner and to get pedicures!!! :) What a party week.

Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes and fun times!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Break Scores a 10

I am a huge fan of Fall Break!!! While I was at BYU we never had a fall break. So I was loving it last week when Shane had no school for a whole week. We took a super fun and last minute trip to the happiest place on earth. We left on Tuesday and stayed the night in Overton at my grandparent's house. We hung out and went four wheeling in the morning before we left for California.

On our way we drove through the Valley of Fire state park and saw some beautiful views!

On Wednesday we met up with Robert, Kathryne and Kristee and went to Disneyland and California Adventures on Thursday and Friday. We had a blast! It was so much fun, I had never been to California Adventures before so it was exciting. At night we watched their new show World of Colors and it was amazing!

I loved walking through Disneyland because the whole place was completely decorated for Halloween Time, and I LOVE Halloween!

Going on Toy Story... Shane's Favorite Ride!
Waiting for the Bug's Life show
"R" is for Rowley's

On Saturday we went up to Universal Studios. We really enjoyed it. I went there once when I was young so everything was new and exciting to me. I liked the Jurasik Park ride... I pretty much lost my stomach because the drop was so high.

I always wanted to be Wilma

Monday, October 18, 2010

Tennis Star

Shane's little sister is a tennis star! She is a sophomore and placed 2nd at state! We went and watched her at Liberty Park in the semi-finals and finals, and we were literally blown away by how good she was! We had a great time, even though some of the calls and line judges were frustrating. Orem High took 2nd as a team as well. Great Job!
 Darling Kristee
 Here's the tennis family
I had to post this one because Robert won the Gold at a tournament in St. George and he wore his medal for at lease two days straight. We are very proud of him too :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Just Found Out...

What exciting news! I think finding out whether our baby was a girl or boy, was almost as exciting as finding out that we were pregnant. To be honest, we really were happy either way, I'm just glad to find out. It seems more real now, now that we can envision a little girl, rather than mystery baby. I kinda thought it was going to be a boy because I had  this funny dream about birthing a red-haired, crazy-shaped-headed boy. Anyways, I should have know that my dreams ARE crazy and cannot predict the future very well :) We are so happy to have a beautiful baby girl join our family in February. Shane keeps saying how excited he is to have a little Jena running around. He's going to be the best daddy.