Thursday, July 26, 2012

Play Time at Home Before the Big Trip

Anabelle tries to stack everything, and she's actually pretty good at it. I caught her stacking her shapes and I was so impressed! They're not even flat on the bottom. Anyway, I love little ones in diapers running around. It really makes me smile.

Anabelle does a great job at taking care of Baby Stella, and giving her lots of love.
 Glasses obsession

Helping in the kitchen

 Ready for nursery. She's been going since she turned one, it's so great! 

 I have a thousand blurry iPhone pics. (as shown above) I'm not sure what my problem is.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day we headed down to Nephi to have breakfast with some family friends of the Rowley's. Their cabin and property was so beautiful the canyon was gorgeous! It was pretty rainy and cold but a few tarps and a little fire saved the day. We huddled together and ate a fabulous cooked breakfast. 
The rain stopped and we enjoyed some time playing on the darling kid toys. Anabelle thought it was pretty cool too.

A seesaw (or scale) whatever way you want to look at it.

 This seesaw was her favorite.
 After a fun morning we met up for dinner at Tucanos. Yum. Yum. Fun. Fun.
 Anabelle is finally starting to warm up to uncle Rogan. She has always been terrified of him dispute his continual effort to win her over. Gotta love her pants. Mom didn't pack a second outfit for the day and obviously the diaper leaks anytime you are not fully prepared. Thank you Grandma Rowley for having some size two pants in the closet. Hence the rolled waist and legs.

 The bench warmers
 Anabelle was in love with the lemonade! The whole table was egging her on and getter her to drink glass after glass. I had to put a stop to it before a blowout occured. luckily she didn't get a tummy ache.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mink Cousins

We had the Mink boys over one day, and Anabelle loved playing with them. They rode bikes in the back forever! And of course Anabelle loved it as long as she was in the truck. She's obsessed with that thing!!! When We recently came home after being gone for three weeks, she ran to the back yard and got in the truck before she would even go inside. Thank you landlords for having millions of bikes and letting us ride them ;)

Oh and I know you are thinking by now that Anabelle lives in that hat. Well she kind of does. Its the only one she will wear and it does such a great job at keeping her fare skin from burning.

 The double trike, it's pretty cool. 
 Movie time

A couple weeks later we needed to stay at a hotel downtown to earn some more points for our Europe trip. We invited the Minks to come with us and then we had a great time at City Creek and Temple square with them.


Down on the Farm

Catch-up attempt three... out of order already

On our way down to Lake Mead with Stacee and Tyler, we stopped in Enterprise. Shane's mission friend has a huge farm with his brothers down there. It was such a learning experience and it was good to see Blake again. I wish his wife and baby were in town though.

 In a potato cellar... literally a mountain of potatoes! And this was just the last little bit they had from the season. They normally have tons of cellars filled with potatoes.
 Anabelle wanted to take them home.

 darling calves that were all born that day! The calf standing in the back was just born an hour before we got there.
 (Please excuse my  very scary air-dried hair)

 Anabelle's checking out all of the pregnant cows

 the milking merry-go-round

 there's a whole lot of people in Enterprise

Our ride... ha ha don't you love the millions of bungie cords the guys used. It was such a laugh the whole time. The funniest (or worst) part was that it had to be packed twice, because the first time they did it with the back door open and it wouldn't shut.
babies packed in the back

 We made it to Overton. Thanks grandma for letting us stay at your house!
 Twinner cousins up and going at 6 am.

 Being fed ice cream while on a wagon ride... doesn't get any better than that!
 After our time in Overton we packed back up and headed to Lake mead to meet the rest of the Rowley clan. Here are a few more pics I just came across from the lake. Sorry for more, but I like to make my year-end scrapbook from the blog so i just have to put them up somewhere. 
 hydrating up with some yummy gatorade... Anabelle's typical lake-look