Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Oh Canada...(Part 1)

I was so happy to go back to Canada this summer. Shane had never been, and he always wanted to go. So we went. And I'm sure glad we did! It was amazing, just like I remembered. --I was feeling quite proud of my Canadian heritage, haha-- We flew into Calgary and then drove up through Banff National Park. The first two nights we stayed at the Fairmont Chateau at Lake Louise. The surroundings were absolutely breathtaking! Shane, being the big sweet talker that he is, convinced the manager to put us in the Presidential Suite. The view was nothing short of spectacular. The first evening we stayed in our suite and sat out on our balcony and enjoyed dinner there.

tummy time

this girl liked the view too -happy dance-

The next morning we woke up and had a delicious breakfast overlooking the lake. The food was GOOD and my asparagus omelet was even better! We walked out by the lake and then headed over to rent a canoe. I was a little nervous about doing it with the two kids, because I didn't want them to tip it over, but it ended up being perfect. What a fun memory. It was so quite, serene and beautiful! It was so relaxing that it put Parker to sleep too! Anabelle loved it and kept singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

After a little nap we headed over to the Lake Louise Ski Resort and we rode the chair lift up to the top. The view of the mountain range was breathtaking. we did a little hiking and visited the museum. Anabelle kept her eyes on those bears! It was fun seeing Lake Louise from across the way.

Lake Louise from afar. There's the hotel too.

At the resort there were squirrels running around on the grass and hiding in their tunnels and holes. Anabelle could have chased them all day. She was so sad she didn't get to catch one.
After the gondola ride we drove over to Moraine Lake and took the short hike to see this amazing BRIGHT blue lake and the "six sisters" behind it. Anabelle was mostly entertained by the squirrels there too, she was feeding and chasing them. 

I'm obsessed with these three. And this pic of them. I sure love my family.
My boys' signature move!
Look at that water!

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